Something for every dog no matter the breed

Obedience Training

From puppy to adult we cover it all

We offer payment plans on all of our training. Contact us for more information.

Basic Obedience Board and Train
This is a 2 Week Board and Train course where we go over Sit, Down, Stay, Heel and Recall

Advanced Obedience
This is a 3 week board and train course where we go over all the basics, plus off leash obedience including extended stay and special off leash request.

Hourly One on One
We can work on anything you would like durning our hourly one on one sessions.
$100 per hour

Special Services

Personal Protection
Weather you own a dog or are looking into finding the right dog for the job we can help you. Personal Protection is a 4 week board and train class. The dog will be trained to make sure he/ she will engage without equipment. We can train to protect a person, family, or property
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Service Dogs
If you are in need of a service dog please reach out to us. We can discuss what the best options are for your specific needs.
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Behavior Modification

This is a 4 week board and train program, where we correct unwanted behaviors or issues you are having. Our master trainer specializes in dog phycology and has successfully worked over 300 dogs to improve their behavior.


Police K9
Alpha Pack K9 specializes in Police K9 training. We are making street beast! If your department is looking for a single or dul purpose K9 please contact us so we can discuss the options best to fit your department and handler.
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Dog Boarding

Daily/ Weekly Dog Boarding
Going away and need someone to watch your dog? Bring them out to Alpha Pack where they are in the best kennels and we take time to walk and play with each and every dog on site with no extra cost to you.
$35 per day for first dog $20 per day for any additional dog(s).